Clients First

  • Calls, emails and inquiries are handled with urgency.
  • Servicing our tenants is our only business.
  • Excellence is what we do.


  • All Waterday Properties office buildings are located in Central Pennsylvania.
  • The ownership of Waterday Properties is local.
  • Our support and field staff are local.
  • Our service providers are local.
  • Our Buildings are inspected inside and out weekly, by ownership, to ensure cleanliness, safety, technical stability and service excellence.

Our class A office buildings are purposefully situated around the capital of Pennsylvania. If your enterprise needs office space on the west shore side of the Susquehanna River, yet near Harrisburg, we may have a suite that is perfect for you. Our class A office buildings, located on the east shore, surround the city, providing convenience, and an abundance of lot parking.

From local proximity and passionate client services flows an immediate responsiveness to every aspect of our clients needs. The difference is visibly noticeable, when you visit any of our office buildings. They are exceptionally clean and orderly. Not most of the time, all of the time.

Class A Facilities

At Waterday, our lobbies are impressive and professional. They feature sharp lines, geometric mixed flooring types and/ or marble, with custom millwork and lighting fixtures. They provide a very positive first impression for all of our buildings occupants and their associates. Our office spaces are first class. Our landscape designs are impressive. Before a visitor enters a Waterday building, the messages of professionalism and attention to detail are evident. This is supported, right down to elevator and bathroom cleanliness.

Waterday buildings include heating and air conditioning designs, engineered to provide zones every 600-1200 sq. ft. This flexible design provides our clients with a steady, consistent temperature throughout their office suite, without unsightly units, visible from critical sight lines.

We utilize State-of-the-Art, Computerized Systems that Monitor building and suite access, HVAC, and Lighting Systems. Our typical lighting fixture is a deep cell parabolic light that is designed specifically to provide the soft light that is needed to reduce computer glare and employee fatigue.

Class B+ Facilities

At Waterday, we realize that high-end corporate office suites are not for every company. For this reason, our portfolio also offers certain B+ Suites (with Class A common areas). These suites have been renovated to meet the highest standards. They offer our clients a solid, attractive and functional office environment, while continuing to provide the high quality and service that our enterprise is known for. These features are available at affordable rates.

Working with Waterday Properties to create your office space

Our commitment begins when we assess your facility needs. We tailor to fit those needs. We coordinate all details, in each stage of development, making it easy for you to stay focused on your business, while we create your space. We give personal attention to the details of building design, construction and leasing services, while providing day-to-day hands-on management. We specialize in the development of corporate and professional office centers. We manage every property we own. We deliver results. We ensure that our buildings and suites meet or exceed our client’s expectations.

We maintain contact, after a lease commences.

The amount of attention placed on obsessive cleanliness and safest cleaning practices are hallmarks of Waterday Properties. Our Day Porters are pleasant, professional and uniformed. They are in your building to provide daily cleaning services. They are at your service, every day.

Waterday Properties puts our reputation on the line daily, as your single source of accountability. From design and construction through building management, we are here to serve you.

We also have property management on-call, 24 / 7, to handle any problems that may arise. Our maintenance at each location is designed to correct minor problems before they become major inconveniences, by making regular technical inspections at each of our properties. We do everything possible to ensure that your day to day experience is beyond expectation.

Why Waterday Properties?

  • Commitment to thrilling our clients
  • Impressive facilities
  • Quality Workmanship
  • Obsession on Cleanliness, for appearance and for health
  • Day Porter services
  • Pleasant and responsive client support
  • Attention to details, inside and out
  • Exceptional value – highest quality buildings and suites, in our market
  • Focus on satisfaction and retaining your business, for many, many years to come